We believe God desires to save the lost because of His love for the world, His desire to save people from their sins, to cultivate personal relationships with Him, and to grow the church by calling us to share the redeeming gospel through: evangelism, homeless ministry, and being a spiritual influence in our communities.

The Outreach Team is involved with tasks associated with local and overseas outreach opportunities. The Outreach Team also believes that through developing intentional relationships with others, it will bring people closer to the gospel.

Currently, we serve the homeless community of downtown San Diego and students of UCSD.

Email Brian Lau to join or find out more.

Meeting Times
Campus EV
Time and Location TBD
Contact Victor Chi for more information.
Homeless Ministry
Every other Monday at 6:30 pm meeting at Sungod turnaround
Contact Brian Lau for more information.

Homeless Ministry

We believe that the Lord has commissioned us to be agents of peace in a world that is full of darkness and brokenness. Our aim is to not only address the physical needs of the homeless in San Diego, but to also strategically use these physical provisions as a gateway to engage in spiritual conversations, knowing that the gospel is the message of hope and peace that everyone needs to hear constantly. For now, we meet every other Monday at 6:30pm at UCSD before we head out downtown. Come and seek the peace of the city with us, and in turn, be blessed by the ministry of the Holy Spirit. If you are interested and want more information, please feel free to contact Brian Lau at