Living Water Ministries – Led by two first generation Korean American pastors and their wives, this ministry desires to bring to Christ and restore the lives of those in Over the Rhine, Cincinnati (OTR). This is achieved through street evangelism, social ministries, Sunday services and worship, educational assistance, Bible studies and discipleship, and generally developing long-term relationships in order to bring about transformation through Christ.

Kairos sends short-term teams a year to OTR, and have sent the Sato family there.

Myanmar – David VLT is a young missionary pastor in Myanmar whose ministry with his family includes traveling to local villages sharing the gospel in sermons, films on projectors, or through Christmas services. Two of our members of Kairos, including Pastor Jason Sato, had the opportunity to visit David in the past.

Ever since, Kairos has had the opportunity to support the children of Myanmar for $10 a month, and provide for their livelihood as well as partner in prayer for David’s ministry.