Our Beliefs

“We believe in a God who transforms lives, revives communities, and renews our world daily."

The name Kairos comes from the Greek word meaning “the divine moment” or “God’s appointed time.” We believe we live in a remarkable time in which God has great plans for His church and the world. It is our desire that God will use this church in His time to fulfill His will.

Kairos Christian Church is a part of Acts Ministries International (AMI), a community of churches seeking to model the spirituality, vision, and partnership exemplified in the Book of Acts.

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Word-Based & Spirit-Driven Worship


Every Believer a Maturing Minister


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Statement of faith

We believe that the Holy Bible is the direct word of God inspired by the Holy Spirit as written in its original form and language. As such, it is the only infallible and inerrant authority for the Christian faith and contains all knowledge necessary concerning God’s own glory, man’s salvation and a life of faith and holiness. We hold to the Westminster Confession which states that the supreme judge of all controversies of religion whether private or public can be no other than the Holy Spirit speaking through the Scriptures.

We believe that there exists but one true and living God, self-revealed in the Scriptures as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, forming one Godhead, equal in essence, eternity, perfection, glory, and power but distinct in person-hood who together are deserving of equal honor for the salvation and redemption secured by the Gospel. We affirm that the Father is of none, neither begotten or proceeding; the Son is eternally begotten of the Father; and the Holy Spirit is eternally proceeding from both the Father and the Son.

We believe that God is the ultimate creator of all things and upholds and governs all of His creation, having freely ordained whatever comes to pass including the salvation of men for everlasting life from eternity past. Through His sovereignty and providence over creation, there is nothing that happens against His will but yet He can never be the author of sin nor impinge against the freedom and liberty of man. The purposes of God for His creation are unchanging and will come to pass without fail according to His foreknowledge and eternal decree all to the praise of His glory.

We believe that all humanity is made in the image of God, but due to the original sin of Adam and Eve we are all born under the guilt of sin and the subsequent punishment of eternal death. Being the root of all mankind, the sin of our first parents has been imputed to all subsequent generations, corrupting the nature of each person so that the ability to be good and to do good has been utterly lost, and causing the unredeemed will of man to be wholly inclined towards evil.

We believe that God relates to fallen humanity through a covenant of grace in which He provides for every condition of redemption, making the believer both willing and able to receive His free offer of salvation. This efficacious grace is given independently of any virtue foreseen in man, bringing to life the hardened heart of the unredeemed, thereby enabling them to answer the call of the gospel and to embrace the grace offered. We affirm the truth that all who are chosen for salvation, including those who die in infancy and others who are incapable of outwardly responding to the gospel are regenerated and saved by Christ through the Spirit.

We believe that Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God, equal in essence to the Father, chosen and ordained to be the sole mediator between God and man, who in the fullness of time took upon Himself both the nature of God and man, being conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary, thus sharing in all of man’s characteristics yet without sin. Through His perfect obedience to the Law, His sacrificial death on the cross, His resurrection on the third day, and His ascension to the right hand of God Almighty, Christ became the Head and Savior of His Church, redeeming a people chosen for Him from all eternity by satisfying completely the justice of His Father and purchasing for them both reconciliation and an eternal inheritance in the kingdom of heaven.

We believe that God freely justifies all those who receive Christ and put their trust in Him and His righteousness for their salvation by God’s gift of faith, which is the sole instrument of justification. In addition, all who are justified share in the grace of adoption by which they enter into a new relationship with God, enjoying all the promises and privileges of being the children of God. In this relationship, God continues to forgive the sins of those who are justified and although they can never lose their justification, they may fall under God’s fatherly displeasure and discipline until they humble themselves in repentance and renew their faith.

We believe that by the person of the Holy Spirit, the believer is born again through regeneration, brought to salvation by the Gospel, sanctified to live in righteousness, and empowered for ministry through the receiving of spiritual gifts. We believe in the fullness of the Holy Spirit’s work throughout the New Testament era including the manifestation of miraculous gifts. In addition, the Holy Spirit ministers to all believers in various ways, including the conviction of sin, comfort in times of distress, guidance, and illumination of the Scriptures that were written under His inspiration. Though the baptism and subsequent indwelling of the Spirit is experienced by all believers at the point of conversion, the continued filling of the Spirit in the individual must be pursued through a life of worship, prayer, and obedience.

We believe that every Christian, born again with a new heart and spirit, is further sanctified in this life through the indwelling presence of the Word of God and the Holy Spirit by which the power of sin is progressively weakened and eventually put to death. We confess that sanctification is incomplete in this life but by God’s grace, one can pursue true holiness of which good works is a vital part that gives evidence of a living faith. These good works can never merit pardon of sin or eternal life but are received and rewarded by God through the work of His Son in the believer.

We believe that God has instituted two sacraments, baptism and the Lord’s supper, for the New Testament Church as signs and seals of the covenant of grace and to be used to represent the person of Christ, His works, and the believer’s relationship to Him. The sacrament of baptism is the admission of the new believer into the visible Church and serves as a sign that the individual has been crucified with Christ for the forgiveness of sins and resurrected with Him into the newness of life. It is to be administered once in a believer’s life after the point of their genuine confession of Christ as Lord and Savior. The sacrament of the Lord’s supper is a perpetual observance of the Church until the end of world and serves as a remembrance of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, the subsequent sealing of the new covenant, and the call for all believers to continue to abide and grow in Him, engaging in all the duties that are owed to Him in love.

We believe that the Church is both the bride and the body of Jesus Christ and consists of the communion of all believers, who are united to Him by the Holy Spirit and united to one another in love. By our common confession of Christ as Lord and Savior, the Church is called to maintain a holy fellowship and to partake together in the holy worship of our God. Yet, there is the realization that the purest churches are still a mixture of good and evil and therefore require the careful and gracious administration of discipline according to biblical guidelines when a member of the church refuses to receive correction.

We believe in the visible return of Christ, in which all the dead shall be raised up and those found alive will not die. God will then judge the world in righteousness and justice and call to account every thought and deed so that all beings, including the fallen angels, will receive according to what they have done in the present age. Those who have received the Gospel and lived a life of faith in Christ Jesus will go into everlasting life where they will enjoy the fullness of the Lord’s presence whereas those who have rejected the Gospel will suffer and be eternally separated from the presence of the Lord. This coming day of judgment ultimately serves to encourage all believers to yearn for the second coming of their Savior and to be continuously alert for His return.

We believe in a God who transforms lives, revives communities, and renews our world daily.

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