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How do Community Groups work?

We believe that to know others and to be known by others is essential for our church family. Our community groups typically meet on a weeknight in a home around San Diego and have varying focuses - some have bible study, some reflect on the Sunday Sermon. Some explore important questions about the Christian faith, others explore the way the gospel transforms our entire being. We pray for one another, serve together, and seek to love and care for one another as Christ has commanded us. At Kairos, we hope you truly feel a sense of belonging and we hope you will consider joining one of our community groups. If you have any questions, or would like a staff member to help suggest a group for you, please email

Open enrollment is here!
12/27/2020 - 1/10/2021

We have reached full capacity for all of our life groups and have closed our application process. We hope you can join us during our next open enrollment season. Life Groups will be all virtual for the time being, and will be closed groups of 5-6 people per group.

Adult Life Groups
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College Life Groups
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Join a Community Group

Enrollment for Spring 2023 is currently closed.
Inductive Bible Study and Sermon Based Discussion Groups are open to join at any time.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at
College Students: Please visit our College Ministry Page to sign up for Life Groups.

Life Group

Life Groups are gender-specific groups that will be going in-depth on practices (Community, Sabbath, Prayer...etc) that help us to Be with Jesus, Become like Jesus, and Do what Jesus did (material from Practicing The Way)

Meets: Wednesday and Thursday nights
PrerequisitesKairos 101 or has previously attend a life group

Kairos 101

Kairos 101 is a 10-week membership cohort that covers church values, culture, and material that helps us in our endeavor to love God and love people (material from Peter Scazzero's Emotionally Healthy Spirituality and Emotionally Healthy Relationships).

Meets: Wednesday nights

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Inductive Bible Study

Inductive Bible Study is a gathering that focuses on developing effective tools for understanding the treasures and principles of scripture to apply in our lives.

Meets: Friday nights
Prerequisites: None

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Sermon Based Discussion

Sermon Based Discussion is a group that reflects on the previous Sunday Sermon and focuses on the practical application of the Word of God into our everyday life.

Meets: Wednesday nights
Prerequisites: None

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We understand that there are people from all walks of life and are in different places in their faith journeys. We offer different types of community groups to accommodate and create a space for as many people to grow in their relationship with the Lord as possible. Belonging to a Christ-centered community is of great value to our church and we hope that is the case for you too! Whether you are new to the faith or have been a Christian for a long time, we hope you will find a community group to be a part of.

We have 4 different community groups available: (1) Inductive Bible Study, (2) Sermon-based Discussion, (3) Kairos 101, & (4) Life Groups. (1) Inductive Bible Study & (2) Sermon-based discussion groups are co-ed and open to any life stage. There is no size limitation, so weekly attendance may vary. Weekly participation in these groups are encouraged but not required. (3) Kairos 101 is offered for those that are interested in becoming members at Kairos. Though the class will consist of both genders, the group discussions in the class will be gender-specific and in smaller groups. (4) Life groups are only available to those who have completed Kairos 101 and gone through our membership process. Life Groups are gender-specific, intentionally limited in size, and committed groups that focus on intentional spiritual growth and discipleship. Weekly participation is expected for Kairos 101 & Life Groups.

Because we are in the transitional period towards a membership driven church, we plan to assign each life group to complete Kairos101 together over the next few quarters. This means that your life group will take a pause from the regular life group curriculum for 1 quarter to complete Kairos 101 and then resume after the course is completed. Our plan is that everyone who desires to be a part of a life group will eventually complete Kairos 101 and commit to being a member at Kairos.

Beginning 2021, Kairos began transitioning towards a membership-driven church and Kairos 101 is part of that membership process. It is a 10-week cohort-based class. These meetings take place mid-week and are led by our staff. In this class, the group will go through adapted material from Peter Scazzero's Emotionally HealthySpirituality, Emotionally Healthy Relationships and cover some key values of our church's spiritual DNA. The aim of Kairos 101 is to go deeper in exploring how we can love God and love others while also understanding the importance of being a part of the local church body. If you would like to commit to becoming a member of Kairos, this class will be your next step. We believe that this cohort will be a good way to learn about Kairos and prepare people for fruitful relationships in life groups. Kairos 101 will be offered in the Fall, Winter, and Spring quarter and will be a pre-requisite to joining life groups. There is a small $20 course material fee for those who join Kairos 101.

We want to foster a group of individuals that are committed to one another on a weekly basis. We want our members to agree with one another to be present and engaged and be open to spur one another to a deeper love for God and for one another. Our hope is that by having these expectations and basic requirements, we will have a fruitful and life-giving life group. Life Group requirement include completion of Kairos 101 and commitment to membership. In addition, members need to commit to attending life groups on a regular basis, attending Sunday Service on a regular basis, actively engage in discussion, be willing to receive biblical teaching, training, correction, and rebuke, and be present and willing to minister to one another.

That’s okay! We understand that some seasons of life are incredibly chaotic or membership commitment may not be. desired. We have other opportunities to connect to our church through InductiveBible Study and Sermon-based discussion groups. These groups do not require regular commitment and are groups that will help foster spiritual growth. In addition, we have monthly Men's & Women's Gatherings, fellowship events, seminars, and other workshops that are offered throughout the year. When you are ready to commit to being a member at Kairos and have completed Kairos 101, feel free to sign up for a life group during open enrollment.


Please contact us if you have any further questions regarding our Community Groups. You can send us an email and someone will reply to your question as soon as possible.

We believe in a God who transforms lives, revives communities, and renews our world daily.

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